The best sci-fi movies


The best sci-fi movies

It’s true- these movies rarely win critical accolades, but sci-fi movies aren’t made for the critics.

movie sci-fiThey’re made for the fans.

From giant starships to alien worlds, prosthetic masks to future costumes, the science fiction world is filled with adventurous and thrilling experiences.
Some of these movies revolve around solid story and characterization, while some classic ones focus on unforgeable sci-fi designs.

Visionary, thrilling and often reflective of real-world concerns, sci-fi has produced some of cinema’s most memorable films.

Here is the list of the best sci-fi movies of all time

  • Inception

This sci-fi thriller explores the dream world with all its episodic and unusual scenarios.

The movie revolves around virtual reality, alternate reality and memory manipulation. Christopher Nolan’s Hollywood blockbuster, Inception is a movie about love and crime drama wrapped around a sci-fi narrative framework.

The movies consists of plenty of action, intriguing plot twists and amazing special effects. The dream landscapes, plotted screenplay and fantasy elements will keep you captivated till the end.

Only thing is, you will have to pay close attention otherwise you will get lost.

  • Gravity

This amazing piece of brilliant film making offers an essential theatrical experience. Gravity movie creates a realistic space environment with the right look and feel of space.

The movie features some of the accurate technicalities of the space.

For example, the movement and physicality of doing a spacewalk, the realistic interiors of the International Space Station and the Soyuz and several other scenes that depict the laws of physics accurately.

This realistic space movie is about hope and courage. It is also an amazing meditation on the cycle of death and rebirth.

As the movie continues with its breathtaking scenes and sci-fi suspense thriller, it provides you with several intense, edge-of-your-seat moments.

  • Minority Report

Minority Report is one of the most thoughtful movie revolving around an unexpected, a brilliantly constructed mystery. The movie is about a cop in the future that arrests killers before they commit murder.

Starring Tom Cruise, a cop who has the ability to stop Pre-Crimes, murders that are about to be executed. This suspenseful thriller features a very plausible vision of a possible future comprising of incredible set design and the futuristic innovations.

The movie is a visual delight with visual constructions of the future and successful chemistry between Cruise and Farrell’s characters. There is so much to enjoy in this film, thanks to the action and the actors.

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