Vikings Season 4 – What Happens?


Vikings is a popular adventure movie series based on the traditional lives of the Vikings. There have been three seasons before and now you can get  the new release of Vikings season 4 episodes download. Well, After raiding Paris, the Vikings along with Ragnar have returned to their homeland Kattegat. A small party is left behind in Paris by Ragnar, and his brother Rollo leads it. Ragnar has suffered a fatal wound in Paris, and he is now recovering from it. While healing he meets Yidu, who is a new slave and Ragnar starts getting closer and fond of her.

The Events

Floki ImprisonedAqsdvabfngtjmdq

Bjorn has imprisoned Floki as he comes to know that he has murdered Athelstan and now Ragnar must also deal with Floki. At the same time, it is also revealed to Ragnar by Bjorn that wilderness is where he intends to travel. Bjorn thinks that this is a must to find himself. Taking advantage of this situation Erlendur and Kalf plot to murder Bjorn. Meanwhile, Aslaug and Lagertha are both trying plots so that they can get themselves back into power and because of this the ambitions of Viking women are growing.

Rollo Returns

In Paris, preparations are going on for the eventual return of Rollo’s brother Ragnar Lothbrok and all the Viking warriors. Rollo and the Franks are ready to defend the city of Paris against Ragnar. Princess Gisla is the new wife of Rollo and as she does not like him, Rollo is trying to build a relationship with her.

Events in Wessex

Iwdvdvfsfrgvsdn Wessex, Ecbert and Judith are growing closer and meanwhile his son Aethelwulf and Queen Kwenthrith are building a relationship. This has led to a tensed situation. To put Kwenthrith back to power as a queen of Mercia, the alliance of Ecbert and Aelle is making preparations. Since Ecbert slaughtered the Viking settlement in Wessex, he is now making plots to defend himself and the rest of the Wessex from Ragnar when he returns along with his Viking warriors.

King Harald vs. Ragnar

Eager to raid Paris along with Ragnar, King Harald Finehair and his brother Halfdan arrive in Kattegat. However, to become the King of all Norway is what Harald desires and to achieve this dream, he must overthrow Ragnar and kill the rest of his family. The desire to explore west has decreased in Ragnar as he had in his early years. He is now old, wounded from the battle held in Paris and surrounded by enemies from all the sides. He has to tackle all of his enemies and at the same time has to avenge all the Viking warriors killed by Rollo and the Franks.