Amazing Foosball Tricks You must Learn



The feeling of being a pro in foosball is pretty good. Everybody desire to win each game every day and create respect among peer players. Go to to learn more tips on foosball tricks. I bet you already know the basic of the game, and probably, you already have some skills to push you through. What if you could add some incredibly cool foosball tricks to your arsenal

Foosball Tricks

The Scorpion

Scorpion is a fast push-kick shot that is done by pulling the middleman back so that it hits the ball to the nearest wall very hard and slams it as it bounces. It is a flashy shot that aims at the near corner of the goal. However, it’s hard to do consistently.

The Texas Thgshfggfsgjhgf

In Texas T, you pin the ball for one of the wingmen and then swing the rod down such that the ball chips over to the middleman who then hits it to the goal. The technique can be done at a fast pace.

The Alamo

The Alamo trick involves pulling your men over while leaving the ball stationary as if you are going to shoot a pull. Hit the stationary ball with the middle man. By the time you hit the ball, the opponent already had moved out of the way thinking you were pulling the ball.

The Pull Shot

It is one of the most explosive shots that will accelerate the ball to the goal if done correctly. The men are simultaneously lifted by a strong grip to pump up the energy into the ball before releasing it. This technique can make you a nightmare to the opponents and command huge respect among your play buddies.

The Snake

The snake shot is taken by the middle offensive man. It employs an open handed technique that gives the shot its speed. The ball is passed from the far offensive man towards the middle man. The middle man the strikes the ball at an angle to make it go straight forward. This gives you the opportunity to pin the ball down on the table before making another shot.


kjghfhhgdhjfhgjhIt is more like a slower slingshot that aims to hit the ball when it comes to the side strip and propel it directly to the goal. This technique is almost impossible on tornado but is easily done in Garland.

There are several cool foosball tricks available to learn. But the ones discussed above can distinguish you from a novice within days. They are tested and proven by foosball experts.