Amazing Foosball Tricks You must Learn



The feeling of being a pro in foosball is pretty good. Everybody desire to win each game every day and create respect among peer players. Go to to learn more tips on foosball tricks. I bet you already know the basic of the game, and probably, you already have some skills to push you through. What if you could add some incredibly cool foosball tricks to your arsenal

Foosball Tricks

The Scorpion

Scorpion is a fast push-kick shot that is done by pulling the middleman back so that it hits the ball to the nearest wall very hard and slams it as it bounces. It is a flashy shot that aims at the near corner of the goal. However, it’s hard to do consistently.

The Texas Thgshfggfsgjhgf

In Texas T, you pin the ball for one of the wingmen and then swing the rod down such that the ball chips over to the middleman who then hits it to the goal. The technique can be done at a fast pace.

The Alamo

The Alamo trick involves pulling your men over while leaving the ball stationary as if you are going to shoot a pull. Hit the stationary ball with the middle man. By the time you hit the ball, the opponent already had moved out of the way thinking you were pulling the ball.

The Pull Shot

It is one of the most explosive shots that will accelerate the ball to the goal if done correctly. The men are simultaneously lifted by a strong grip to pump up the energy into the ball before releasing it. This technique can make you a nightmare to the opponents and command huge respect among your play buddies.

The Snake

The snake shot is taken by the middle offensive man. It employs an open handed technique that gives the shot its speed. The ball is passed from the far offensive man towards the middle man. The middle man the strikes the ball at an angle to make it go straight forward. This gives you the opportunity to pin the ball down on the table before making another shot.


kjghfhhgdhjfhgjhIt is more like a slower slingshot that aims to hit the ball when it comes to the side strip and propel it directly to the goal. This technique is almost impossible on tornado but is easily done in Garland.

There are several cool foosball tricks available to learn. But the ones discussed above can distinguish you from a novice within days. They are tested and proven by foosball experts.

Entertainment Guide to Netflix 2016


Netflix is a global provider of online streaming of TV series, movies and shows pride with over 75 million subscribers from different parts of the world. Recently, they announced a lineup of events and favorite shows. The guide to Netflix is an illustration to the users on how to use it. It is now fully reloaded with 16 new additions to the previous favorites such as Orange is the New Black’ and Houses Of Cards, and much more. They also got rid of a couple of stuff and added a ton of new ones. Here is an entertainment guide to Netflix 2016.

Entertainment guide

House of Cards

In the House of Cards, viewers expect to see Frank Underwood or Kevin Spacey continue putting America back on track in hisgfgfgfggfgyyy fourth season. Additionally, actress Neve Campbell will still appear in the cast. Orange is the New Black is another awesome movie. In the previous episodes, things were taken over the prison at Litchfield Penitentiary.

What’s new is that groups will be pushed together, and the alliances will be unexpected. Blair Brown who is an actress is going to play an inmate role.

Grace and Franky

What’s new in this show is that Jane Fonda falls in love with young audiences. Lily Tomlin also forays into Netflix over the summer.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The fans’ love for Kimmy grows so much that the season is renewed after the first one. After locking her cult leader, Emmy wants to enjoy her freedom.


Fans expect something new in the Flaked and for the third time. Arnett Will brings his unique comedy. He appears as Chip and is portrayed as living a life filled with lies in Venice. He also falls in love with his friend’s object making the whole 8 episode scenes fascinating.

The Get Down

In this, Baz Luhrmann is going to make his debut on Netflix. For about six out of the 13 episodes, Jayden who is Will Smith’s son will play a critical role in the show.

Stranger Things

Winona Ryder, nineties darling comes with her TV show on Netflix, sci-fi drama. The whole show is based on a young Indian boy that disappears mysteriously. It is going to be directed by the two brothers Ross Duffer and Matt.

The Ranch

adsdsdsdshhhIn The Ranch, there will be a reunion of the 70’s show from the hunky doofus and loveable stoner. Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson who are brothers now run a ranch of their family. Kutcher reunites with his father after failing in a semi-pro football. Ideally, Netflix returns in a full swing. This is the new entertainment guide to Netflix and viewers expect lots and lots of fun.

4 Tips for Remembering Different Dance Styles

There are a lot of dance styles that you would like to learn in the modern times.


However, it is good to note that dancing is a technique that requires you to gain knowledge and skills to do it.

If you are a beginner you need to understand how to remember the different styles. To help you in the process, this article offers you a few techniques on how to remember the styles.

Look for the dance pattern

Dancing involves several, short and strong of movements that you should do more quickly than you are used to. When learning, you might be shown a sequence more than one time.

In order to keep up with the rush of the dancing information provided, it is good to concentrate on the pattern first and then consider the movement afterwards. If you understand the patterns it will be easy for you to learn the movements.

Concentrate on one aspect of the dancedoll-1077694_1280

Pattern is one of the elements of dancing. There are other elements, one at a time to develop the sequence in your mind and body.

For instance, try concentrating your focus on the head, in case combining the feet, rhythms and head at once is a problem to you.

It is good to do all what you can, but allow yourself to let one thing to go for the sake of absorbing others as you dance.

Have a visual image

At times attaching a mental image to a single step or several steps can assist you put all things in order. Most of the dance movements have names, but they correspond to a certain image. Therefore, you can attach your own terminology or visuals to help you learn the styles faster.

When you are developing the images, you should figure out how the sequence looks like, for example, ice skating, waves crashing and others.

As long as these images make sense to you, you will be able to keep the images in order, thus helping you aid your memory of the specific dance style.

DanceWrite down

Sometimes the act of seeing words, writing or drawing sketches on a page can help you have more understanding of the different dance movements.

You can try writing down the dance styles in the way that suits you.

The key to doing this is to ensure that you capture the memory of the different dance styles and how to perform them in the most effective way without struggling.

The best sci-fi movies


The best sci-fi movies

It’s true- these movies rarely win critical accolades, but sci-fi movies aren’t made for the critics.

movie sci-fiThey’re made for the fans.

From giant starships to alien worlds, prosthetic masks to future costumes, the science fiction world is filled with adventurous and thrilling experiences.
Some of these movies revolve around solid story and characterization, while some classic ones focus on unforgeable sci-fi designs.

Visionary, thrilling and often reflective of real-world concerns, sci-fi has produced some of cinema’s most memorable films.

Here is the list of the best sci-fi movies of all time

  • Inception

This sci-fi thriller explores the dream world with all its episodic and unusual scenarios.

The movie revolves around virtual reality, alternate reality and memory manipulation. Christopher Nolan’s Hollywood blockbuster, Inception is a movie about love and crime drama wrapped around a sci-fi narrative framework.

The movies consists of plenty of action, intriguing plot twists and amazing special effects. The dream landscapes, plotted screenplay and fantasy elements will keep you captivated till the end.

Only thing is, you will have to pay close attention otherwise you will get lost.

  • Gravity

This amazing piece of brilliant film making offers an essential theatrical experience. Gravity movie creates a realistic space environment with the right look and feel of space.

The movie features some of the accurate technicalities of the space.

For example, the movement and physicality of doing a spacewalk, the realistic interiors of the International Space Station and the Soyuz and several other scenes that depict the laws of physics accurately.

This realistic space movie is about hope and courage. It is also an amazing meditation on the cycle of death and rebirth.

As the movie continues with its breathtaking scenes and sci-fi suspense thriller, it provides you with several intense, edge-of-your-seat moments.

  • Minority Report

Minority Report is one of the most thoughtful movie revolving around an unexpected, a brilliantly constructed mystery. The movie is about a cop in the future that arrests killers before they commit murder.

Starring Tom Cruise, a cop who has the ability to stop Pre-Crimes, murders that are about to be executed. This suspenseful thriller features a very plausible vision of a possible future comprising of incredible set design and the futuristic innovations.

The movie is a visual delight with visual constructions of the future and successful chemistry between Cruise and Farrell’s characters. There is so much to enjoy in this film, thanks to the action and the actors.

Don’t know what to do this weeked, watch the best sci-fi movies…